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The Team at Slim & Tonic

Our team, headed by Sally, is made up of  key individuals with years of experience in nutrition and alternative therapies. The retreats are offered with different goals in mind and each therapist will play a unique part in your journey with us.

Sally Calder Lifecode Gx Practitioner

Sally Calder

I’m Sally Calder, a registered Nutritionist, Nutrigenomics Practitioner and Educator.

My relationship with food began very early in my childhood, being born in to a third generation of family bakers. It is no surprise that I grew up with an innate interest in food, and with that came a tendency to overindulge!

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Elena - Yoga & Massage Therapist

I am passionate about practicing and teaching yoga to people of all abilities. I believe strongly that yoga can help everyone and as such always deliver sessions based on the person I meet, not a programme I have set. I take my inspiration from my experience in traditional Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

I believe we should live without labels and find the joy from freedom of expression

As a qualified massage therapist I am also able to offer massage treatments that will compliment the yoga sessions you do at Slim & Tonic.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Balkan mountains and the unique sense of tranquility and calm we provide at Slim & Tonic.

Korneliya - Gong Therapist

Korneliya is an energy therapist and a trainer in emotional intelligence. Before starting her career as a sound therapist and gong master Korneliya devoted herself to massage with a focus on Ayurveda yoga massage, aimed at breast cancer prevention.

Korneliya is also a mindful breathing specialist and has worked extensively in India, Greece, Turkey and Poland.

My goal is to deliver complex holistic healing of the physical, mental, emotional and ether bodies of oneself and improve the whole being of the person.

About Gong Therapy

This is a practice for purifying, balancing, and harmonizing all body systems, including chakras and the two brain hemispheres. It structures and restores the normal vibrational level of organs and cells in the body, predisposes to deep meditation and awareness and releases pain, fear, anxiety, traumatic events of the past and present; resolves them and opens one’s mind for the future. It purifies, calms the mind, and opens space for new experiences and perspectives. Gong meditation is an endless world of possibilities and an inexhaustible source of sound and vibration energy.

Gong meditation helps to remove all external stimuli and listen carefully to yourself. To feel confident, calm, and full of vital energy.

Some of the benefits of the therapies Korneliya offers include; reducing anxiety, help dealing with past traumas, raising our awareness of destructive patterns that sabotage healthy functioning at all levels.