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A boutique wellness retreat in the heart of the beautiful Bulgarian Balkan mountains

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Lasting results in your weight loss and wellbeing journey are possible.

It can be difficult to start a healthier regime at home where there are so many distractions. Whether you’re in need of the chance to recharge your batteries, need support losing weight, or ready to learn how you can adopt healthier diet and lifestyle habits in line with your genetics, we will help you create a life-changing journey of wellbeing tailored to suit your needs.

At Slim & Tonic we offer a combination of diagnostic, nutritional and therapeutic services to  help you break the cycle of fad diets, poor sleep, low energy, mood and sub-optimal health.

Stay with us for a 7 day retreat and let us empower you to support and optimise your health.

Are you searching for a personalised approach for positive change?

We don’t believe in quick fixes or flashy juice diets so if this is your goal we are not your best fit.

We do believe eating should be one of life’s great pleasures and our approach will offer sustainable change for optimal health. Considering the nutritional value of what we eat and preparing wholesome food in a healthy manner is essential to lifelong well-being.

We do believe our approach will offer lasting change. So, if you are ready to find out more about how your DNA, your nutrition and your mindset can influence your health and help prevent many diet and lifestyle related diseases take a look at the packages we offer and find the best fit for you.

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About Us

Sally Calder is a registered Nutritionist and educator who uses genetic and functional testing to help clients address the root cause of their health concerns through diet and lifestyle intervention. Her main areas of professional interest include Metabolic health and prevention of associated diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Sally loves to empower her clients to take charge of their health by educating on the value of good health and the role nutrition and lifestyle plays.

Sally is supported by a small, experienced team. Elena and Korneliya, who offer a wide range of complimentary therapies to relax, restore and re-energise you during your stay.

Read more about Sally and her team here.

While I’m relatively fit and active and make good dietary choices for the most part, I knew bad habits had crept into my eating. It’s too easy to overindulge in the favourites.
I had a few aches and pains particularly in my ankle joints and feet, and brain fog in the mornings. I loved the programme Sally recommended, the menu and food choices varied and were remarkably tasty, with ideas I plan to continue. I sensed initially a much clearer head in just a few days and further into the programme it was evident my aches and pains in my joints had gone, and while not the objective, I lost a few pounds in weight, an added bonus! I feel totally healthier and very happy with my results.

Philip K

Through lockdown I got totally out of routine, my eating and sleeping patterns suffered and as a result, gained nearly a stone in weight. I struggled with constantly waking up feeling fatigued with little energy or motivation. Sally’s knowledge, guidance and clear explanations helped me understand where I was going wrong and soon got me back on track, just what I needed.

Linda B

To be able to know how my body works with foods and what it needs according to my DNA is revolutionary. As a professional sportsman this knowledge is paramount to get the very best out of myself.Sallys knowledge and passion is spot on! My extensive report is full of great ideas and even includes a shopping list to ensure I don’t forget anything!"

L.P.J.K. Professional Cricketer
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